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Carpet makes an excellent floor covering

The amazing look and feel of carpet will amaze you, especially if you take the time to see it in person. Additionally, you can choose materials with a variety of benefits that will fit perfectly into your décor and budget. You'll want to find out more.

With these floors in place, you’ll get to experience lush elegance and durability, all at the same time. Never again will you have to trade one for the other, as you can easily find both in the same product. Make sure you visit our carpet flooring store to see for yourself.

Your carpet will be your favorite flooring

Becoming loyal to carpet has never been easier, especially if you’re searching for the very best appearance. These products offer extensive solid colors, patterns, fibers, and added extras that will all work to your decorative benefit. Match your existing décor or build a brand-new look to work around, as either is an easy task.

These days, you can find many brands of carpet that offer extensive resistance to stains. Constructed right into the fibers themselves, you’ll find your floors stay cleaner longer. If you’re a pet owner, be sure to ask about materials that cater to pet stains and odors, with warranties to match. You’ll be surprised to find fantastic protection that is unrivaled in many circles.

Another manufacturing addition is that of hypoallergenic fibers. For allergy sufferers, this is a monumental advancement for carpet, helping to trap and hold allergens like pollen, dander, dirt, and debris. You’ll be left with excellent air quality for freer breathing every day.

As always, you can expect carpet flooring to provide incredible noise reduction, which works exceptionally well between floors. It’s great for busy households with children or pets, masking sounds, and leaving your home peaceful and so much quieter.

Let us assist your carpet buying experience

Highlands Floor Coverings is proud to serve the communities of Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Winslow, Williams, and Verde Valley, AZ. We invite you to visit our Flagstaff, AZ showroom so that we can help you with your flooring project as well, no matter how large or small.

Our family-owned and operated carpet flooring retailer commits to your complete customer satisfaction. We’ll welcome you and help you feel entirely at home while choosing the floor covering that most perfectly matches your preferences and requirements. Our associates are standing by, ready to serve you today.

Highlands Floor Coverings has incomparable carpet at unmatchable prices

Your house is a place you should feel at home in and with Highlands Floor Coverings’ selection of chic and comfortable carpets; your style can shine in whatever way you choose. Our carpets are manufactured in a variety of techniques that achieve different feels, textures and looks, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re searching for. Highlands Floor Coverings is a reliable family brand that has spent ten years on the market, working hard and delivering quality products for you at reasonable prices, because we believe that just because something is the best doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive. If you’re in or near Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Bellemont, or Sedona and are interested in purchasing superb carpeting at the right price, Highlands Floor Coverings is the company for you.

The right carpet can make all the difference

Highlands Floor Coverings recognizes that every home is different and has different needs. This is why we carry three basic types of carpeting: cut-pile, loop-pile and a mixture of the two.

Cut-pile carpeting is a low-maintenance option that doesn’t often snag and so is a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a durable product to stand up to the tests and trials of kids and pets. Even with its long-lasting qualities, many top luxury carpets are cut-pile carpets, especially within the Saxony style type. Plush carpets are also cut-pile and their durability combined with the elegant finish of their smooth surfaces makes them a common and popular choice in many homes. Highlands Floor Coverings also offers cut-pile carpeting in types like shag, velvet, frieze, short-shag, and grass-pile carpeting styles.

Loop-pile carpets keep their original twisting form and as a result are resistant to being crushed underfoot. This type of carpet is often easy to maintain and keep clean, because things that might get caught in other carpeting will not in this style’s looping structure. Highlands Floor Coverings offers both the Level loop-style and the Multi-level loop style. The Level loop-style retains a uniform height and is a great option for high-traffic areas while the Multi-level loop style creates a pleasing design with varying loop heights.

Finally, Highlands Floor Coverings also offers cut and loop carpeting. One can achieve a variety of lovely designs with varying textures with the level cut-loop style. Sculpted Saxony and sculpted shag styles are also available in this type.

Shop carpet with ease

Don’t take our word for it—come and see for yourself! We have two showrooms in Flagstaff, AZ and Cottonwood, AZ so you can decide in person what suits you best and consult our knowledgeable experts while doing it. If you’re shopping online, you can chat with our employees on our website. Your house should be yours, and we are dedicated to helping you make the space your own. Our carpets are sorted by a plethora of categories to make your shopping the easiest experience possible, including brand, style, fiber brand, color and width. With an abundance of choices and even more passion for getting the job done right, Highlands Floor Coverings is the company to trust with your carpet needs.