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Our rug binding service

When it comes to home design, the key is finding the right fit for you. Having custom options makes designing easier and more fun. If you have an area rug that you would like to repair or customize, Highlands Floor Coverings can help. Our experts offer rug binding service to the residents of Flagstaff at great rates. We work with all types of area rugs. You can request rug binding for both natural and synthetic fabrics. Our prices are always low and our craftspeople are always professional. You can count on great customer service whenever you choose us for your products and services. Learn more about how rug binding can be useful in your home below.

What is rug binding?

Have you noticed that your area rugs are beginning to come undone around the edges? This can be caused by moving furniture, high foot traffic, or pets chewing at the binding. Over time, your rug can literally unravel like a snagged sweater. Rug binding is the process used to reseal the frayed edges so that they are stronger and longer lasting. Using this service can bring an old area rug back in an affordable way. It can prevent you from spending the money on a new area rug or giving up on a family heirloom. And it’s fast! There is little waiting time, especially with our highly trained specialists at work.

How do they do it?

Our specialists use a high-powered sewing machine to stitch the edges of frayed area rugs. These machines are made specifically for the strongest, neatest seams possible. It is possible for homeowners to rent handheld versions and attempt a do-it-yourself project. However, the results are often less attractive and come undone more easily. Customers often end up employing professionals to fix their mistakes. They end up with twist the cost and twice the frustration. Highlands Floor Coverings suggests coming to our experts first to save time and money. We have years of experience in the rug binding business and can work with a variety of materials, from nylon to natural fibers.

How can I request rug binding service?

Requesting service for your area rugs is simple. You can email or call our store to set up an appointment with one of our professionals. There is always a friendly consultant on hand to respond to you. We’ll examine your rug and let you know what we think the best option is. You can choose the style of binding that you like best and get an estimate on the price. Once you have everything sorted with your specialist, we will pick up your area rug and deliver it back once the service is complete. No stress, no long waits, and no troublesome hold time on the phone.

Don’t spend more than you need to by replacing your frayed area rugs! We will restore your favorite rugs at a low price and provide the best local customer service. Choose our professional rug binding service at Highlands Floor Coverings in Flagstaff and get affordable service.