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Are you ready to experience waterproof flooring?

Some homeowners can make do with a flooring that is much less protective than waterproof flooring. However, some need all the durability and peace of mind they can find in a floor covering. If that’s you, there are plenty more amazing benefits awaiting you.

For instance, you can still experience breathtaking beauty in this floor covering as well as durability that works not just when water is present, but for everyday wear and tear as well. You’ll get a well-rounded product that meets all your requirements, and you won’t spend a fortune securing it.

Consider these waterproof flooring characteristics

When you shop our waterproof flooring store, you'll find out about every characteristic that makes waterproof flooring unique and versatile. You can truly get the best of all worlds when shopping this line, with durable, stunning looks that last a very long time. No matter what your need or preference, you’ll find something here that caters to you.

There are various materials in the waterproof flooring product line, including the ever-popular luxury vinyl flooring, which can be purchased in planks, tiles, or sheet versions. You’ll also find waterproof properties in porcelain tile and some varieties of natural stone. Each product has its own unique set of characteristics. To find out which one is right for you, just speak with one of our flooring associates when you visit.

Of course, these floors are easy to clean and maintain. For most spills or messes, you’ll only need a vacuum or broom and a damp mop. Be sure to consult your manufacturer’s directions or give us a call for specific information about cleaning compounds. We’ll make sure you know exactly what to do based on the material you have installed and the type of spill you’re dealing with.

Waterproof flooring from the pros

If you need a waterproof flooring retailer you can trust, feel free to visit Highlands Floor Coverings at our Flagstaff, AZ showroom at your convenience. Our associates are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to make sure that all your flooring needs are met before you leave.

We cater to residents from Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Winslow, Williams, and Verde Valley, AZ. If you are in any of those areas, we invite you to visit us and allow us to earn your business. We will make sure you get the flooring experience you deserve, so stop in today.