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Carpet restretching and tucking From Highlands Floor Coverings

Carpet is a great choice for nearly any home interior. But they can form lumps when exposed to foot traffic, dragged furniture, pets, and other wear factors. These lumps can cause tripping and falling accidents, or even cause your carpet to tear! The solution is simple: Request carpet restretching and tucking service from Highlands Floor Coverings in Flagstaff. Licensed and insured, our specialists can improve any lumpy and misshapen carpet. We work with a variety of carpet types, both natural and synthetic. Our rates are always fair and affordable. You can get local service on a budget. Satisfaction with the results are always guaranteed. With years of experience and high rates of success, you can trust that your carpet will look better and last longer with our service.

Why your carpet has lumps

What causes those weird ripples in your flooring? Carpet owners might find themselves puzzling over a carpet that is pulling up around the seams or the edges of the room. Have you ever stretched out a delicate knit sweater? Your floor works much the same way. Stress on the areas where the carpet is attached to the subfloor can become loose and stretched over time. Common causes include pulling heavy furniture across the floor, pets pulling at the edges of the room, and areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Left unfixed, those lumps can pull at the fibers and seams of your carpet until they rip and tear. Replacing parts of the floor or repairing badly damaged floors can cost an arm and a leg. It is better to use carpet restretching and tucking before the problem gets worse to avoid big spending later.

How we can help

Our specialists have a tried-and-true method of fixing lumpy, stretched carpets. You can expect:

  • A detailed plan. There is no one size fits all solution for carpet restretching and tucking. Each carpet has different wear patterns, environmental factors, and fiber materials. Our experts will always look at the condition of your carpet before they start to work on it. This ensures that you get the best treatment for your floors every time. It also prevents accidental damage by determining how much the carpet can be stretched and tucked. We will let you know if repairs are needed so that you can make the choice that works for you.
  • Estimates. An estimate can be a valuable tool when it comes to planning a budget. Customers like you work hard for their money. We want to make sure that you get the best deal possible and a payment plan that works for you. Discuss your options and learn about additional services that can help your home’s carpet look its best. Ask questions and get accurate quotes to begin saving and planning for your home improvements.
  • Great results. Once we get down to the carpet restretching and tucking process, you are guaranteed professional results. Our specialists will carefully remove the carpet from the tack strips below and pull it tight. Then, the excess carpet will be trimmed away neatly. Once the ends have been removed, the new edges will be tamped down and the carpet will be seamed and stretched as needed. After reattaching the carpet to the subfloor, your floors will get one last inspection. We promise fast and professional results.

If your carpet is loose and has ugly lumps, don’t wait until you need to repair or replace it. Call the experts at Highlands Floor Coverings in Flagstaff for affordable carpet restretching and tucking service.