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Grout repairs and cleaning

Flooring can tie the decor of your home together. But if you have natural stone or ceramic tiles, dirty grout can take away from the beauty of your interior. For the finest grout cleaning and repair at the lowest price, there is no better business than Highlands Floor Coverings! Grout can collect dirt and grime even with regular cleanings. Dirty mop water and cleaner residue can build up in the pores and ruin the color. This can make even clean floors look unpleasant. Stains can be even worse. A spilled glass of wine can linger for years if you never change the grout. Cracks, large pores, and other imperfections all reduce the quality of your floors. Get grout cleaning and repair service and see how your home can be improved in just a few easy steps!

A better floor

Having a beautiful floor adds to a beautiful home. But when dirt sinks deep into the grout between your tiles, it can be hard to get rid of that grimy feeling. Bacteria and mold can accumulate if the grout isn’t replaced. Cracks in grout can cause tiles to come loose. Loose tiles can pose danger to those living in the home. Sharp edges can catch bare feet. For homes with children and pets, this can be a disaster. Protecting yourself against injury and improving your home are important. Keep your home safe and beautiful with our grout cleaning and repair service.
Here are some of the ways that we provide great service for you:

  • Inspections before and after service. Your tiles will be inspected to ensure that we are performing the right service. Then once your cleaning or repair is completed, we check your grout for any other impurities.
  • Customized care for your grout and tiles. Your grout will be cleaned and repaired based on its current condition. There is no pre-planned technique. We make sure that your floors get the care that they need.
  • Neat work. No mess, no stress! After work is finished in your home, we’ll be sure to clean up after ourselves.
  • Professional fully licensed technicians. Every person who works on your floors is licensed according to state regulations. Each has on-site experience. You can trust that your grout and floors will look flawless.
  • Easy scheduling for services. Request grout cleaning and repairs online or by phone. We make it easy for you to get the services you need.
  • Continued customer service. Do you have a question? We have an answer. From details to additional services, our customer service is there to help.
  • Deep cleaning techniques. We draw the dirt and grime deep from within the pores of your grout. You’ll see a clean, fresh floor as a result.
  • Quality, fast repairs. From cracks to holes, your grout can be fixed. Allow our experts to fill any gaps and fractures to make your floors look better and last longer.
  • Accurate price estimates. Even homeowners on a budget will have no problem planning for payment. Low rates and accurate price estimates makes it an easy process.

Highlands Floor Coverings is number one in local service when it comes to making your floors look their best! Request grout cleaning and repair services now anywhere in the Flagstaff, Cottonwood and Bellemont areas. You can call by phone at (928) 774-6700 or visit our website for more information.