Does water-resistant mean the flooring is waterproof?

Does water-resistant mean the flooring is waterproof?

Water resistance in a floor covering does not offer the same protection as waterproof floors, so they are certainly not the same thing. In today's post, we're going to tell you why and how you can protect your home entirely from the effects of dampness, moisture, humidity, and spills, so read along with us now.

Take time to consider waterproof flooring options

Water-resistant flooring does a great job of giving you more time to clean up messes, but they cannot completely protect you from water damage the way that waterproof floors can. Waterproof options safeguard against all forms of moisture, accidents, and more so that you never have to worry about replacing your floors prematurely.

While these two product lines may look alike, products that mimic solid hardwood, porcelain tile, and natural stone have different core layers, which makes all the difference. For example, waterproof flooring options include a core layer comprised of wood or stone plastic composite or 100% vinyl. At the same time, the other has cores made of materials that are susceptible to moisture.

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